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Sunday, July 16, 2006
Its Complex..Everywhere..
He was siting on the doorsteps with a bottle of Beer. Moments later She comes out of the house and walk across him.He starts shouting "Fu***ing sh** you walk away from me ?" He runs behind her grab herand lift her on her shoulder walks back. "Let me down...Let me down.." - She. "I love you baby..why you walk away from me" - He. "Dont give me a shit.... ... ..." She.Series of "... ... .... ....." ".. ... ...." between He and She.He walks away...shouting "Fuc***ing sh** ... .... .... You dont trust me. He knocks "Bang" on the sign board on his way. He walks 100 yards. "Come on Jim...come back..come back baby..." - She.He turns around and walks towards She. He's friend (He2) comes out of house "Hey Jim..come on man..get inside...". He's friends girl comes out.(She2)."He cant have another girl in his life. You dont interfere. Its She's call." She2 take She inside the house.
I walked back to my appartment wishing the issue gets solved. complex...everwhere. |
Friday, October 07, 2005
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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
I expect you to be there
The following is the invitation I sent across to my PG friends. Thought of sharing :-).
These days I have been busy watching FTV(Spring Summer collections, Lingerie, Swimwear Collection series) just for knowing whats happening in the Fashion world.
Reason ;-) ?!!
Well, am getting married to this girl by name Ambika a wanna be Fashion Designer who is rarring to hit the Fashion Design world, already giving a run for their money to Rohit Bals,
Ritu Berri s , Ritu Kumar s and Manish Malhotra s.
Wonder what Ambika has been doing these days ? Well, she is busy knowing how to dust a PC, just to help me out. My PC at home already becoming the cradle for umpteen Spiders
and Roaches.
So Guys, be there on July 13th at OmSakthi Kalyana Mandapam , TNagar , Chennai between 9.00 and 10.30 AM to grace the wedding ceremony of Me with Ambika.
Bachelors(Pradeep s Maharajan s Rail Ramesh s )! Dont give any excuse like
"Machan oru Important Project Delivery irrukuda !"
Newly Weds( Kiruba s , SenthilRaja s) Though u might be busy targeting a
Delivery I hope you can spare a day (rather night no no who knows day or
night !!) visiting Chennai.
Guys abroad (Melne s , Riaz s)! Well, I cant expect u ppl in person but surely I can expect your mail asking for my ICICI account no for doing a online fund transfer :)).
Proud parents(Meenakshi Sundaram s Ponmani s Anu s) I would be glad to see you with your proud Productions !!!
Engaged Guys (Aiii Sukiii...) be there with your fiancee !!!
Fun apart, the bottom line is "I expect you to be there."
Monday, June 13, 2005
Walking on the beach together,hand in hand we’ll be forever....
It's written in the stars
that they were meant to be...
So write it on your calendar
there's going to be a party!
Save the date
July 13th
for the marriage of
Invitation and details to follow

It's a Shore Thing...We're Getting Married Together,
we wrote our names in the sand and the waves washed them away,
so we will write them in our hearts and there they will stay.
To Love and To Be Loved is to feel the sun from both sides.

Now u need any reasons why I was away from my blog for this long ? ;-)
Friday, May 27, 2005
What to Post ?


Monday, March 07, 2005
You are a total WASTE !!!
Monday was like Friday. Most of my colleagues were so relaxed and were saying the same thing "I dont feel like working today". May be it was because of the Holiday we have for MahaShivrathri tomorrow. Since everyone was in relaxed mood, we had chats now and then inbetween works. The girl who sits near me has just returned after visiting her hometown and meeting a guy who would be her. Typical arranged marriage funda.
These were some of the conversation between me and her.
She started the following after noticing that one of my shirt button has fallen off.
She : Vijay, see its time for you to get married (pointing to my missing button).
Me : Does this convey u just this ?
She : Ofcourse ! This is something obvious Vijay.
Me : Doesn't it convey others ?
Me : Doesn't it convey that Vijay doesn't know how to stich a button ?
Me : Doesn't it convey that Vijay is such a lazzzzzy guy to get that button stiched
thru the nearby tailor ?
Me : Doesn't it convey that Vijay pays less attention to something for which he should have given more attention so that button got stiched ?
She : (Laughing) No Vijay , its time for you to get married.
Me : Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

In other instance,
She : Vijay , you are a total WASTE !
Me : Yes, I know that. If you put me in the category of WASTE. What are the other categories you have.
She : (After thinking for a while) Simply Great. Nice . Waste . Pathetic . Hate .
Me : I think I didn't score bad. I would have been happier if you have put me in the "PATHETIC" Category. :-) (Smiles)
She : Whatttttt ? You are Waste but still with some good qualities.

In someother instance,
She : Whom do you think you are ?
Me : A simple , down to earth , Complex Guy
She : See..everyone thinks that they are complex and no one can understand them .
Me : Yes and they will be happy when they get some who really understands them.
But I am simple down to earth guy. Since everyone thinks they are complex, I added that "Complex".

In someother other instance,

She : Vijayyyy, You think you are tooo smart ???.
Me : No. (I was about to deliver my usual dialogue)
She : dont say your dialoge again "I dont 'THINK'. I AM"

In someother other other instance,
She : Vijay one day I take u a class.
Me : You take a class or u teach me a lesson ?
She : (After thinking for a while) I will teach u a lesson.

I dont know why she choose the second option which I gave.

:-) I always have gr8 fun in having such chats with friends around.

Off the Track : Today I noticed that Female Bloggers have lots of comments in their Blog. Oops..did I notice something which is sooooooooo obvious ;-) ? |
Thursday, March 03, 2005
A monster ...
I got this from a chat friend. Felt worth sharing.

Dear Mommy,
I am in Heaven now...I so wanted to be your little girl. I don't quite understand what has happened. I was so excited when I began realizing my existance. I was in a dark, yet comfortable place.I saw I had fingers and toes. I was pretty far along in my developing, yet not near ready to leave my surroundings. I spent most of my time thinking or sleeping. Even from my earliest days, I felt a special bonding between you and me. Sometimes I heard you crying and I cried with you. Sometimes you would yell or scream, then cry. I heard Daddy yelling back. I was sad, and hoped you would be better soon. I wondered why you cried so much. One day you cried almost all of the day. I hurt for you. I couldn't imagine why you were so unhappy. That same day, the most horrible thing happened. A very mean Monster came into that warm, comfortable place I was in. I was so scared, I began screaming, but you never once tried to help me. Maybe you never heard me. The monster got closer and closer as I was screaming and screaming, "Mommy, Mommy, help me please! Mommy, help me." Complete terror is all I felt. I screamed and screamed until I thought I
couldn't anymore. Then the monster started ripping my arms off. It hurt so bad; the pain i can never explain. It didn't stop. Oh, how I begged it to stop. I screamed in horror as it ripped my leg off. Though I was in such complete pain, I was dying. I knew I would never see your face or hear you say how much you love me. I wanted to make all your tears go away. I had so many plans to make you happy. Now I couldn't, all my dreams were shattered. Though I was in utter pain and horror, I felt the pain of my heart breaking, above all. I wanted more than anything to be your daughter. No use now, for I was dying a painful death. I could only imagine the terrible things
that they had done to you. I wanted to tell you that I love you before I was gone, but I didn't know the words you could understand. And soon, I no longer had the breath to say them; I was dead. I felt myself rising. I was being carried by a huge
angel into a big beautiful place. I was still crying, but the physical pain was gone.
The angel took me away to a wonderful place. Then I was happy. I asked the angel what was the thing was that killed me. He answered, "Abortion. I am
sorry, for I know how it feels." I don't know what abortion is, I guess that's the name of the I'm writing to say that I love you and to tell you how much I wanted to be your little girl. I tried very hard to live. I wanted to live. I had the
will, but I couldn't; the monster was too powerful. It sucked my arms and legs off and finally got all of me. It was impossible to live. I just wanted you to know I tried to stay with you. I didn't want to die. Also, Mommy, please watch out for that
abortion monster. Mommy, I love you and I would hate for you to go through the kind of pain I did. Please be careful. |